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Address :
AGP Building 2nd Floor
Jalan Pegangsaan Timur No.1
Cikini, Jakarta 10320

Phones : +62 21 31930108 - 9
Fax. : +62 21 31930102
E-mail : marketing@cdmione.com


Contact Person : Muslim M. Amin



CDMI is The Best Consultant in Indonesia 2011-2012

Lots of business world players in the country believe that 2012 is a lucky year containing a number of golden opportunities in Indonesia. It is supported by some indicators like the status of Indonesia receiving the investment grade at the end of 2011.

Industrial sectors supporting Indonesian high economic growth include upstream businesses such as oil palm, cocoa, rubber sectors, mining sector, retail sector, financial sector, chemical sector, service and insurance sector, manufacturing sector, property sector, communication sector, communication sector, trading, hotel and restaurant sectors, construction sector. These sectors strengthen Indonesian fiscal and monetary fundamentals.

PT. CENTRAL DATA MEDIATAMA INDONESIA (CDMI) is an independent leading consultant in Indonesia dealing with Industrial Research, Multi Client Studies, Feasibility Studies, Company Investigation, Directory and others. Its clients are from leading companies in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, USA and Europe.

CDMI is managed by a team of professional management with broad experience in analyzing various industrial sectors such as trading analysis, banking, plantation, mining, heavy equipment industry, manufacturing and investigation of various companies in the country.

In 2011 CDMI succeeded in publishing 11 books consisting of various analyses of industries and performance of various countries (see our products). It makes CDMI to obtain an award as “The Best Consultant in Indonesia 2011 – 2012”.

With those predicate, CDMI keeps on trying to present various products required by business world. Therefore, the motto of our company is “our creative data for your partner”. Our products have assisted business players and decision makers to determine the direction of their business so they can be used as main references.

Through this letter, CDMI proudly offers various products above which are possibly in line with your business. We believe that analyzing the books above may improve the performance of your company because you are able to determine the right direction and policy for your businesses.

Cordially yours,



Muslim M. Amin


AGP Building 2nd Floor, Jalan Pegangsaan Timur No. 1 Cikini, Jakarta 10320, Indonesia.  Ph. : +62 21 31930108 - 9, Fax : +62 21 31930102


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